About Us

We believe that our primary mission is to assist in awakening and transforming individuals to their unique innate abilities within the Self, to facilitate vital living and complete health & wellbeing. Through creating an intentional model of living in higher consciousness, we are promoting return to community, natural aging, achieving life balance; and assisting each individual to reach their unlimited human potential.

To be the leader in modeling Self transformation assisting each individual to reach their unlimited human potential, through co-creation of intentional model higher consciousness living and being; by the year 2020.

Our Primary Goals Are:

Advance Wisdom:
Promote the creation and dissemination of new knowledge regarding living vibrantly, naturally, and consciously; in support of our mission and vision.

Aging Is Natural:
Return to the model that aging is a natural process in the life cycle to be respected, honoured, and celebrated.

Create Space:
Create a retreat space that supports, nurtures, and promotes Self transformation and higher consciousness living to all who pass through here.

Empower People:
Enable people to attain increasing levels of optimal well being, joy, and satisfaction through recognizing their innate strengths, skills, and abilities.

Intentional Consciousness Community Living:
Support and develop small intergenerational living communities focused on values of higher consciousness community living in support of the natural aging process, self transformation to assist individuals to attain their unlimited human potential at all ages of life.

Self Sustainable & Green:
Developing eco-friendly, self sustainable practices and lifestyles that promote our mission and vision; self-sustainable through organic farming and gardening, recycling, composting, building and use of natural chemical free products whenever possible.

Our Values Are:

  • Recognize the divine in all
  • Love and respect each other
  • Commit to the service of evolution, and transformation of Self and others
  • Operate with integrity & transparency
  • Create and maintain community consciousness
  • Respect the fragile balance of our environment and work within its parameters
  • Live fully with joy
  • Honour all spiritual beliefs
  • Live with meaning and purpose

Who We Are:
We are a small group of educated professional people with a singular vision; of assisting others to transcend their old patterns and behaviors to transform into true aspects of unlimited potential.
Our primary visionary is Dr. Jeanette O’Conor a health care professional who has studied and practiced in the traditional biomedical fields of nursing, advanced nurse practitioner, epidemiology, chronic disease, cancer, elder care, and end of life care. Jeanette has also studied and trained in the field of quality in health care delivery systems and outcomes based research. She has additionally studied the complementary fields of Chinese traditional medicine, Tibetan medicine, integrated medicine, and mind-body medicine. Dr. O’Conor has also studied and practiced Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, and forms of Catholicism.

Credit: Photographs courtesy of Joanne Delabruere.